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CREDITS Radkey “Devil’s Fruit”      Producer/Recording/Co-Mixing Engineer *ATC/Little Man Records Soft Reeds “Blank City”    Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *The Record Machine The Grisly Hand “Country Singles”             Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Minden “Exotic Cakes” Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Subpop Minden “WMTA”   Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Subpop The Sluts “Loser EP” Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer The Sluts "Virile"   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer The Conquerors “I’m Alright/Get Real 7” Mixing/Mastering Engineer *High Dive Records The Architects “Border Wars Ep. 1-5” Recording Engineer *Caroline Records The Architects "Into the Woods"  Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Caroline Records Maps for Travelers “Change Your Name   Recording Engineer *No Sleep Records Weed "Thousand Pounds 7"   Mastering Engineer *Fat Possum Records The New Riddim "Second Sight"   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer The New Riddim “Carolina 7” Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer She’s A Keeper “Westside Royal”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer She’s a Keeper “Plattsburgh”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Josh Berwanger Band “TK Webb 7”   Producer/Recording Engineer Creame Tangerine Records Josh Berwanger "Oh Bis! 7"   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Goodland Records/Too Much Rock La Guerre “The Three”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *The Record Machine Jorge Arana Trio “OSO”      Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Haymaker Records Pat Monahan (Train)   Recording Engineer *Universal Music Group Tiptides "Colors"   Mastering Engineer *Fat Possum/Jaunt Records Mumford & Sons   Recording/Broadcast Mix Engineer (Live) *Glassnote Records/Universal Music Group Palace “Summer don’t you Dare”   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *The Record Machine Making Movies "Tormenta"   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *United Interest Hidden Pictures “Sister Wives”   Recording/Mixing Engineer *Golden Sound Records Hidden Pictures “Story Go”   Recording/Mixing Engineer *Golden Sound Records Rev Gusto “Rev Gusto”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Rev Gusto "Still There 7"      Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Too Much Rock Rev Gusto "Burnt Out Friends"      Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *High Dive Records The Big Iron “We Will Fall”   Recording/Mixing Engineer Phil Neal & the Wornalls “Lifeline”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Psychedelic Black “Melting” (Logan Hyde/Youth Lagoon) Mixing Engineer Teach Me Equal “Knives in the hope chest” Mixing/Mastering Engineer Minorlit Records Lazy “Don’t Die 7”   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Volar Records Lazy “Goodbye Boozy 7”   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Goodbye Boozy Records Samantha Clemmons “Even the Happiness” Producer/Recording/Mixing Engineer *Pacific Records Savannah Terrez   Recording/Mixing Engineer ViTran Band “American Heroine”   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Jaenki (Ken Jankowski/Republic Tigers)  Recording/Co-Mixing/Mastering Engineer Root & Stem “Ruby”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Root & Stem “Christ out of the Cage”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Spirit is the Spirit “Baktun Baby”     Mastering Engineer *The Record Machine My Brothers & Sisters “Violet Music”   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Madisen Ward & the Momma Bear “Canefield” Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer *Glassnote/Universal Music Group Lucky Graves “It makes you feel good”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Maria the Mexican “Moon Colored Jade”   Recording Engineer Cowboy Indian Bear   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *The Record Machine Me Like Bees      Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *Loveway Records Outsides       Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *The Record Machine The Noise FM     Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *The Record Machine Max Justice     Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *The Record Machine Bummer     Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer (Live Sessions) *The Record Machine David Burchfield & the Great Stop “Perseids”   Mastering Engineer Appropriate Grammer “Golden Child”   Mastering Engineer AY Musik “Say Hey”   Recording Engineer Bryant Carter Band “Scars”   Recording Engineer Chants to Retreat “From Darkness to Light”   Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Jenny Carr “Maybe Definitely Really for Sure” Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Janet the Planet “Big Kids”   Mastering Engineer Janet the Planet “Under the City” Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Dreamwolf “Dreamwolf”   Mastering Engineer The Sour Babies “Morning”   Mastering Engineer Ben Moates “Fathers & Songs”   Mastering Engineer Ned Ludd Band  “Spacebar”   Mastering Engineer Actors & Actresses   Recording Engineer Abel Ullon “Warner Brothers”   Recording Engineer Not a Planet  “Mix Tape”   Recording Engineer Sarah Slaton  “West Texas”                                Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Parts of Speech "On My Phone"                        Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Scott Hrabko “Gone Places”               Mastering Engineer Scott Hrabko & the Rabbits "Biscuits & Gravity"  Mastering Engineer John Keck  “JackMoonSessions”             Mastering Engineer John Keck  “Sun Sessions”                       Mixing/Mastering Engineer Kirsten Paludan "Siberia"  Recording/Co-Mixing Engineer Kate Gray "Prairie Bird"  Producer/Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer MMF "12 Days of Xmas"   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Riala   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Sneaky Creeps "Bell St. Radio"      Mastering Engineer Sneaky Creeps "Negative Space"   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Enebade     Mixing/Mastering Engineer Sage N Sour "Wasted"     Mastering Engineer Jeremy Gray "Kill Creek Road" Mastering Engineer My Boyfriend on Vinyl Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Ruddy Swain   Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Westerners "Westerners EP"  Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Alien Jones "Summer Seeds"  Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Uncountable Kings EP  Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer Admiral of the Red "Almost Free"  Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer The Dead Girls "The Beast Inside"  Recording/Mixing Engineer
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