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Joel Nanos is a music producer, mixing, mastering engineer, and owner of Element Recording Studios located in Kansas City's historic Westside Crossroads art district. 

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Joel’s expreience is diverse, working in multiple genres with regional, national, and international artists. As a record producer, mixing, and mastering engineer he leans toward classic analog recording and mixing techniques. As a producer he benefits from a lifetime of experience in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, record store manager, pro audio, and drum manufacturer. He owns Element Recording and Mastering Studios in Kansas City, MO, is a partner at Coil Audio LLC, and former managing partner at C&C Drum Company. 

Element has been featured in Mix Magazine and become a regional favorite for its relaxed atmostphere and exceptional inventory of instruments and recording equipment. However Joel also loves to travel and has worked abroad in Los Angeles, Nashville, Portland, Memphis, and Muscle Shoals.

Credits Include: Jade Bird, Madisen Ward & The Momma Bear, Sly and Robbie, Making Movies, Radkey, Mumford and Sons, Yungblud, Radar State, Akkilles, Berwanger, Yes You Are, Conquerors, The Architects, Grisly Hand, Train, Minden, Grand Marquies, The Sluts, Triptides, Hi-Lux, Samantha Clemmons. Record Labes: Universal, Warner, Glassnote, Fat Possum, ATC, Subpop, Caroline, Lefse, Haymaker, The Record Machine. Co-credits include Grammy, Gold, and Platinum selling producers Jim Abiss, Steve Berlin, Doug Boehm, Larry Crane, and Stephen Edgerton. 

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Phone (913) 645-5961



Artist Record Credit Label
Radkey Devil's Fruit Produce/Record/Co-Mix ATC
Me Like Bees Songs From The Realm Produce/Record/Mixing/Master Self Released
Me Like Bees Singles 2018-19 Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Radar State Radar State 7" Producer/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Radar State Strays Produce/Record Lost Broadcast Records
Jade Bird To Love Somebody Produce/Record Glassnote Records
Madisen Ward & The Momma Bear We Burned The Canefield Produce/Record/Mix/Master Glassnote Records
Grand Marquis Brighter Days Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Grand Marquis Tony Ashley 7" Record/Mix/Master Teenage Heart Records
Sly & Robbie & the Taxi Gang Studio Sessions Record Sly & Robbie
Mumford and Sons Live Record/Boradcast Mix Glassnote Records
Yungblud Mellow Bear/Love Song Record Geffen Records
Lesbian Jungle/J Debarge Dope Shit Mix/Master Self Released
Making Movies I Am Another You Record Self Released
Making Movies Tormenta Record/Mix/Master United Interest
Katy Guillen & The Girls Remember What You Knew Before Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Ernest Melton Trio The Time of the Slave is Over Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Yest You Are HGX/World Without End Produce, Record Self Released
The Uncouth Jonesey's War Record/Mix/Master Teenage Heart Records
The Uncouth Matter of Time 7" Record/Mix/Master Teenage Heart Records
The Gadjits Da Gravy on Yo Grits Re-Master Teenage Heart Records
The Gadjits Wish We Never Found This Re-Master Teenage Heart Records
Momma's Boy Liquid Courage  Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Andrew Foshee Andrew Foshee Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
My Oh My Any Other Way Produce/Record/Mix Self Released
My Oh My The War Outside Produce/Record/Mix Self Released
Akkilles Akkilles Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Soft Reeds Blank City Produce/Record/Mix/Master The Record Machine
The Grisly Hand Country Singles Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Grisly Hand Black & Gold Produce/Record/Mixing/Master Self Released
The Grisly Hand Hearts & Stars Produce/Record/Mix Self Released
MikiP Dome Of Swallows Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Minden Exotic Cakes Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Minden WMTA Mix/Master Self Released
The Sluts Loser Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Sluts Virile Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Sluts Only One Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Sluts Breath Their Heart Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Conquerors I'm Alright/Get Real 7" Mix/Master High Dive Records
The Conquerors Dreaming/Maybe Someday 7" Mix/Master High Dive Records
Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type Degenerate Matters Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The Architects Border Wars Ep. 1-5 Record Caroline Records
The Architects Into the Woods Record/Mix/Master Caroline Records
Brandon Phillips & The Condition People Talk 7" Record/Master Too Much Rock
Other Americans Other Americans  Record/Master Awal
Other Americans OA2 Record/Master Awal
Chase The Horseman Singles 2017-19 Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Maps for Travelers Change Your Name Record No Sleep Records
Weed Thousand Pounds 7" Master Fat Possum Records
The New Riddim Second Sight Record/Mix/Master Self Released
The New Riddim Carolina 7" Produce/Record/Mix/Master Teenage Heart Records
She's A Keeper Westside Royal Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
She's A Keeper Plattsburgh Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Berwanger TK Webb 7" Produce/Record Creame Tangerine Records
Berwanger Oh Bis! 7" Produce/Mix/Master

Too Much Rock

Berwanger Demonios Produce/Record/Mix High Dive Records
Berwanger Exorcism Rock Asst Record Goodland Records
Berwanger Watching A Garden Die Produce/Record/Mix/Master Lost Broadcast Records
Dead Voices Commoners Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Fiction Department TV Shows Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
La Guerre The Three Produce/Record/Mix/Master The Record Machine
Jorge Arana Trio Oso Record/Mix/Master Haymaker Records
Train Vocal Recording Recording Engineer Universal Music Group
Tiptides Colors Mastering Engineer Fat Possum/Jaunt
Palace Summer Don't You Dare Record/Mix/Master The Record Machine
Hidden Pictures Sister Wives Record/Mix Golden Sound Records
Hidden Pictures Story Go Recording/Mix Golden Sound Records
Rev Gusto Still There 7" Record/Mix/Master Too Much Rock
Rev Gusto Burnt Out Friends Produce/Record/Mix/Master High Dive Records
The Big Iron We Will Fall Record/Mix Self Released
Phil Neal & the Wornalls Lifeline Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Teach Me Equals Knives In The Hope Chest Mix/Master Minorlit Records
Teach Me Equals/Red Rumsey Split Master Dischord Records
Teach Me Equals Fix History Master Wild Klamath Records
Teach Me Equals Knives in the Hope Chest Master Minorlit Records
Lazy Don't Die 7" Record/Mix/Master Volar Records
Lazy Goodbye Boozy 7" Record/Mix/Master Goodbye Boozy Records
Samantha Clemons Even the Happiness EP Produce/Record/Mix Pacific Records
Samantha Clemons Burn EP Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Savannah Terez Savannah Terez Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Youngblood Supercult High Plains Master DHU Records
Youngblood Supercult Great American Death Rattle Mix/Master DHU Records
ViTran Band American Heroine Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Jaenki Wrangler Record/Co-Mix Self Released
Root & Stem Ruby Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Root & Stem Christ Out of the Cage Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
My Brothers & Sisters Violet Music Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Maria the Mexican Moon Colored Jade Record Self Released
The Ragged Few They Say/You Better Run Record/Mix/Master Self Released
David Burchfield & the Great Stop Perseids Master Self Released
AY Musik Say Hey Record Battery Tour
Bryant Carter Band Scars Record Self Released
Chants to Retreat From Darkness to Light Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Jenny Carr Maybe Definitely Really for Sure Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Janet the Planet Big Kids Master Self Released
Janet the Planet Under the City Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Abel Ullon Warner Brothers Record Warner Music Group
Scott Hrabko Gone Places Master Self Released
John Keck Jack Moon Sessions Master Self Released
John Keck Sun Sessions Mix/Master Self Released
Terri Quinn Moons & Meltdowns Master Self Released
Midwest Music Foundation 12 Days of Xmas Record/Mix/Master MMF
Riala Be Here Record/Mix/Master Haymaker Records
Lazy Projector evoco Produce/Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Sneaky Creeps Bell St. Radio Mastering Self Released
Sneaky Creeps Negative Space Record/Mix/Master Self Released
Enebade Enebade Produce/Mix/Master Self Released
The Dead Girls The Beast Inside Record/Mix Self Released