Joel’s involvement in the music industry has been diverse and includes experience as a musician, record store manager, instrument manufacturer/retailer, and audio engineer/producer. He currently co-owns C&C Drum Company, providing the industries finest drum kits to many of today’s premier drummers and bands such as Arcade Fire, The Shins, Bon Iver, The National, and Beck. He also owns Element Recording Studios in Kansas City, MO, where he spends the majority of his time producing, recording, mixing, and mastering. His production experience began during an apprenticeship with former CBS/Geffen engineer Lynn Allred at L.A. Audio and has continued through collaborations with industry veterans Brad Vance at Red Mastering in Los Angeles, Tape Op Editor Larry Crane at his Jackpot! Recording Studio in Portland, OR & Stephen Egerton of Descendents & All. Shortly after opening, Element became the regions 1st choice among musicians for its relaxed atmosphere and vast inventory of instruments & recording equipment. While Joel handles the majority of Element’s recording & production work he also hosts many of the areas best engineers/producers and visiting professionals from coast to coast. He has personally worked with genres as diverse as Latin artist Abel Ullon (Warner Bros), a traditional Gamelan Orchestra, Jazz, & Kenyan Gospel. He is however, best known for his production work with rock, indie-rock & Americana.  Production credits include popular up & coming bands Minden, The Architects, Radkey, Maps for Travelers, Making Movies, The Grisly Hand, Lazy, and Madisen Ward & the Momma Bear, as well as engineering contributions to mainstream clients Mumford & Sons, Pat Monahan/Train & producer Richard Linklater. In addition to producing, recording, & mixing Joel maintains a fast expanding catalog of loyal mastering clients and works regularly with labels such as Fat Possum, Lefse Records, & The Record Machine.   If you are interested in working with Joel for production, recording, mixing, or mastering at his home base www.elementrecordingstudios.com in Kansas City MO, or on location elsewhere, you can personally contact him at: joelnanos@hotmail.com,  elementrecordingstudios@hotmail.com, or call 913-645-5961
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